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Week 3 Picks

I am sorry i have been sluggish and haven't made predictions for the first two weeks in the NFL.  However, i did, last week, make the picks on the CBS game pick 'em and the record was 9-7, so i guess we will start from there.

Overall Record:   9-7

New England Patriots over the Buffalo Bills
  • The Pats have solid this year despite their loss last week to the Jets, and besides the Buffalo Bills have quarterback troubles and are struggling anyway.  The Patriots will roll easily.
Minnesota Vikings over the Detroit Lions
  • NFC north matchup, and the Vikings are looking week thus far, but due to their 0-2 start i think Adrian Peterson is going to will a win this week as long as they give him adequate touches.  He is averaging 4.9 yards a carry and doesn't have a lost fumble this year so look for him to control this ball game.
Kansas City Chiefs over the San Francisco 49ers
  • The Chiefs suprised everyone with their week 1 victory over the Chargers and now sit at 2-0, i'm pickin the Chiefs but i wouldn't doubt a San Francisco win here.
Cincinnati Bengals over the Carolina Panthers
  • The Bengals sheer offensive firepower will overwhelm the Panthers this week and will bounce back after a solid win but defensive struggle last week against the Ravens.
New Orleans Saints over the Atlanta Falcons
  • Saints at home......SAINTS
Pittsburgh Steelers over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
I would love to pick this up and coming Buc team, but the Steelers defensive relentlessness and experience will smother the Bucs.Tennessee Titans over the New York Giants
  • Giants looked weak against the inspired Colts last week and the titans didn't look much better, but CJ2K will get his named called enough to win this one.
Baltimore Ravens over the Cleveland Browns
  • The Ravens are a solid football team, their offense needs confidence and they will get that this week.
Houston Texans over the Dallas Cowboys
  • Possibly the best game of the week.  Last week the Texans won a thriller in D.C., and "America's team" lost...again.  I think they need to establish a balance in the running and passing game.  This week they will again become 1 dimensional and this could be a shootout.
Philadelphia Eagles over the Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Michael Vick is going to put on a show against a quiet Jaguars team.
St. Louis Rams over the Washington Redskins
  • Matt Schaub was able to pass all over the Redskins last week.  I think Sam Bradford will settle down and finally get a win for this franchise and show them they guaranteed 50 mill to the right guy.
Indianapolis Colts over the Denver Broncos
  • Colts looked strong last week and they will continue to prove their dominance.
San Diego Chargers over the Seattle Seahawks
  • The chargers need to get it together and if they can't do it against the Seahawks then expect some issues.
Oakland Raiders over the Arizona Cardinals
  • Raiders' runningback Darren McFadden looked great last week and i think he'll continue to improve against a Cardinal team that, in my mind, is pretty weak.
New York Jets over the Miami Dolphins
  • The Jets got a huge win last week against the Pats and Ladanian Tomlinson is running like a man on a mission and i think he will help Mark Sanchez lead this team to a win.
Green Bay Packers over the Chicago Bears
  • I am really looking forward to this football game.  These two teams I believe are the best in their division and the Bears' new found offensive identity will help them this year but i think the Packers are just too strong, however this could be a close one.
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Week 3 NFL Rankings

  1. Ravens
  2. Giants
  3. Jets
  4. Saints
  5. Falcons
  6. Vikings
  7. Steelers
  8. Cowboys
  9. 49ers
  10. Colts
  11. Patriots
  12. Chargers
  13. Eagles
  14. Packers
  15. Broncos
  16. Bengals
  17. Cardinals
  18. Dolphins
  19. Texans
  20. Bears
  21. Seahawks
  22. Titans
  23. Bills
  24. Raiders
  25. Jaguars
  26. Panthers
  27. Rams
  28. Chiefs
  29. Buccaneers
  30. Browns
  31. Redskins
  32. Lions

As of now in the top five I've got the best offense by far in the Saints, one of the best defenses in the New York Jets, and a team that has a very good defense with an offense that is proving to be quite effective with its young quarterback in the Ravens.
A bit further down the line at the Titans:  I still believe they are a decent team, but until they win a game, i really can't put them any higher.
San Francisco is another hot team.  They have been 8-2 in their last 10 games under Mike Singletary, and with a tough opponent coming up this week in the Vikings, they could really boost their standings with a win up in Minnesota.

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